Joining and Membership

In recognition of their support, members of the Society receive the "Zeitschrift des Deutschen Vereins für Kunstwissenschaft" and a book published by the Society as an annual bonus. In addition, members are entitled to a 20 % discount on all books published by the Society.

Your membership will help provide a future for the work and activities of the German Society for Studies in Art History. The physical protection and preservation of ­monuments of art demands both scholarly research and subsequent publication: both go hand in hand. Through fees and donations members are providing the main ­financial basis for the Society's work; their numbers decisively determine its ­efficiency.

You may send your declaration of membership today using our Online-Form.

Upon payment of your first membership fee personal members will receive a membership card, the Society's constitution and a gift.


Membership fees

Membership fees are 65 Euro per year for regular members, 30 Euro per year for ­students. (Costs for packaging and forwarding the "Zeitschrift des Deutschen Vereins für Kunstwissenschaft" and the annual bonus publication are charged separately: 15 Euro p.a. within Germany, 45 Euro p.a. within Europe, 75 Euro p.a. for oversea's shipments)


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