Call for Papers

Call for Papers – 6th Forum Kunst des Mittelalters

Sinne / Senses

Deadline: 15. October 2020

Frankfurt am Main, 29th September to 2nd October 2021

(Please note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic it is not decided yet whether the Forum can take place ‘live’, partially virtually, entirely virtually, or whether it will be postponed.)

Organisation: Deutscher Verein für Kunstwissenschaft e.V. with the Institute for Art History, Goethe University Frankfurt am Main (Kristin Böse / Joanna Olchawa)

On the conference topic “Senses”: The arts and the senses have always been reciprocally related to one another. In the Middle Ages, sensual encounters with art and architecture offered a variety of ways to perceive, comprehend and structure the world. Pledging to relics enclosed in precious reliquaries, incorporating color from Byzantine icons, distinguishing the holy space by swinging polished golden censers, wearing inwardly decorated jewelry on the body or ringing the church bells to make audible the presence of God – such actions leave no doubts about the significance of the senses in the Middle Ages, and furthermore bring to light the role of art within such operations.

For the 6th Forum Kunst des Mittelalters we would like to invite discussions on the role of sensual perception and the interplay of senses in medieval image and object cultures as well as in architecture, including topics from interreligious and cross-cultural perspectives. The Call for Sessions, which has closed, yielded a large number of proposals concerning the individual senses, as well as proposals which privilege a multisensory and synesthetic approach to art and architecture.

We now invite applicants to submit paper proposals (preferably in German or English) to these individual sessions. Presentations usually last 20–30 minutes. Please apply with an abstract (max. one page) to one of the sessions at by 15th October 2020. The results of the selection and the programme will be published in the first quarter of 2021 at and though other relevant online channels.


Double Session 11: Pain – Representation and Experience

Double Session 14: Sound and Listening

 Call for Papers
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15. October 2020